The Food Town, Authenticity & Fusion Harmoniously Reside

Cuisine Introduction

We all begin with a dream to do something big. Punit,  the founder of The Food Town had a similar thought. Punit, with his financial knowledge created the TFT that we know today. The increasing popularity of the brand and service led to him receiving his first franchisee offer within 6 months of operation.

Our Founder

Punit Shah is a born entrepreneur. He started working at the age of 15 simultaneously starting multiple business ventures all while being a full-time college student. Punit has been in the business world for 17 years and has experience in numerous industries such as retail, fashion, manufacturing, telecom, and much more.

A successful food chain of a sweets shop made him see the potential in the food industry and he found his calling. With 17 years of acquired knowledge and experience, Punit Shah took inspired action and co-founded The Food Town that we know of today.


A look behind the scenes

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Fresh ingredients

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Chef's specialties

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